Telehealth video appointments are not new, even for physiotherapy. Many therapists have been servicing remote areas of Canada for years using this technology. Many studies have been done on the effectiveness of telehealth physiotherapy even for pelvic dysfunction (Conlan 2016, Sjostrom 2015, Lindh 2016).

At The Pelvic Health Clinic, we use secure and encrypted video software which complies with HIPAA and PIPEDA (health privacy legislation). You’ll receive a link to your appointment in an email. Just click on it and you’ll be connected to your therapist. You will need a device with camera and microphone such as your phone, tablet or computer.

During your appointment, you will see your physiotherapist and they will see you. Just like in our regular in-person appointments, we will spend time talking with you at the beginning to find out what issues you are having, how your home exercise programme or self-care programme is going, what your goals are for the session, and any other relevant information. It is a live, two-way communication just like a phone call, Face Time or Skype. You can tell your history and we will be taking notes as you talk, just as if we were together in the same room.

During the assessment phase,we will have you do certain movements in front of the camera so that we can assess you virtually. It’s good to wear comfortable clothes for your appointment and be able to move your screen so that we can see you if we ask you to show us how you are moving. You could always have someone help with this.

Before your appointment, please take note of the following:

  1. Complete the new patient intake form for telehealth. You will get an email prompting you to do this. All clients, even ones who have visited The Pelvic Health Clinic or Erika Burger Physiotherapy before, will have to complete the Telehealth Intake Form because there are new consents needed for this type of treatment.
  2. Payment. You will need to enter credit card information into the system to hold your appointment. You will not be billed at this point. At the time of your appointment you will have the option to pay using that same credit card or to do an e-transfer to

Operating Systems and Software

If you are using an Apple product with iOS such as an iPhone or iPad for your appointment, you will need to download the “Jane Online Appointments” app from the App Store before your appointment. There is no cost to you for this app.

If you are using a MacBook or Android device, you will need to use Chrome as your browser to connect.

If you are using a laptop or desktop PC, you can use either the Chrome or Firefox browsers to connect.