Orthopedic Physiotherapy

What is orthopedic physiotherapy?

Orthopedic physiotherapy involves the assessment and treatment of issues related to the musculoskeletal system, which includes bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia (the thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds most structures of the body). We can address acute and chronic injuries, persistent pain, sports injuries, pre- and post-surgical rehab, neurological conditions and improve performance in sport, fitness and activities of daily living.

Working alone or together with one of our pelvic health physiotherapists, our orthopedic physiotherapists take a holistic approach to the rehabilitation of multiple health issues, from pain to performance.

Whole Body Approach to Pelvic Health

Our orthopedic physiotherapists have advanced education with regards to how the rest of the musculoskeletal system influences the structure and function of the pelvis. By optimizing movement strategies, restoring strength and improving range of motion, we correct dysfunctional movement patterns that may be perpetuating your pelvic health issues.

Our one-on-one orthopedic physiotherapy assessments/treatments are multi-faceted, but primarily utilize corrective exercise, which offers long-term solutions for our patients. All exercise programs are tailored to fit your needs/schedule and incorporate principles of behaviour change to help your rehabilitation program fit your lifestyle.

Please note: these appointments do not include an internal pelvic health exam. If necessary, we may discuss/facilitate a referral to one of our pelvic health physiotherapists for an internal assessment.

Persistent Pain

When it comes to persistent pain (pain that lasts >3 months), it is increasingly recognized that tissue damage is not the sole cause of pain. Changes occur in the structure and function of brain regions responsible for processing, regulating and making sense of pain that can lead to a cycle of self-perpetuating pain. As pain becomes chronic, these changes in the brain can amplify the pain you experience, leading to increased pain frequency, intensity, duration and disability. Understanding how and why these unconscious changes take place is critical for learning how to break the cycle of chronic pain.

Our orthopedic physiotherapists have an advanced understanding of pain physiology, and will work together with you to help you understand:

  • The brain and body’s response to long-term pain and how this contributes to a cycle of persistent pain.
  • How your beliefs, emotions and environment can increase pain intensity, frequency, duration and disability.
  • New strategies for pain self-management and why they work for persistent pain.

Most importantly, we will help you understand your individual drivers of persistent pain and work with you to develop a home program to reduce or eliminate pain by:

  • Addressing underlying musculoskeletal causes of pain with a corrective home exercise program
  • Teaching the brain to reinterpret pain signals as safe and non-threatening
  • Shifting your beliefs about pain
  • Increasing your activity levels while minimizing pain flares

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